Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not So Secure Communities…

In case you missed it, Red Mass Group recently released video of Secretary of Public Safety Mary Elizabeth Heffernan, addressing a crowd of citizens at a public hearing regarding the Secure Communities program.

During her presentation, Secretary Heffernan revealed that she had not spoken to Bay State sheriffs or police chiefs regarding the Secure Communities program. If adopted, Secure Communities would automatically check the immigration status of everyone arrested. Such a program has garnered support from law officials and community leaders and activists around the state, and is currently being implemented in Rhode Island.

The revelation by the highest ranking public safety official in the state goes to show that the Patrick Administration is clearly not on board with this program. In their lack of communication with public safety officials, it is apparent that they are merely attempting to go along half-heartedly with a potential federal requirement. This is the latest illustration of just how out of touch the Patrick-Murray administration is with the residents of the Commonwealth.