Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Common Sense Prevails

In case you missed it, the House of Representatives recently adopted an amendment prohibiting the use of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards (EBT) for the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or Lottery tickets.

The amendment, offered by Representative Shaunna O’Connell, seeks to not only prohibit the purchase of the aforementioned items by welfare recipients, but would also hold storekeepers monetarily accountable as well.

In delivering her maiden speech to the members of the Legislature, Representative O’Connell called for members of the House to “stand up for the hard-working people of the Commonwealth who pay the taxes to fund these programs.” She went on to say, “EBT cards are given out to ensure people do not go without essentials like food and clothing…not to be payment for illicit debts or to pay for lottery tickets or alcohol.”

We applaud Representative O’Connell for offering this common sense approach, and commend the members of the House for adopting this amendment that serves to protect the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.