Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Concerns Continue for Commonwealth

In case you missed it, recent numbers released by UMass-Dartmouth’s Department of Public Policy show that not all Bay State residents are comfortable with the current economic climate in Massachusetts.

In an article posted by the State House News Service (SHNS), “more than eight out of every ten Massachusetts residents are ‘concerned’ about jobs despite signs of economic recovery.”

The survey’s results go on to say “85% of Massachusetts households reported being ‘concerned’ or ‘very concerned’ about jobs, and a third of respondents worried that they or a member of their family would lose a job within the next three months.”

The poll of 1,207 residents further proves that the economic climate and stability in Massachusetts is no longer going to suffice as the current status quo. While we applaud the Governor for creating 10 jobs as a result of his trip to Israel the other month, more needs to be done. The recent study out of UMass-Dartmouth is like today’s weather; better than what we had this winter, but still somehow not enough to make you feel good.