Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sales Tax Holiday Weekend Dubbed a Success

This year’s sales tax holiday weekend has come and gone and retailers and shoppers alike are dubbing it a success! As you all know, the Bay State did not offer a sales tax holiday weekend last year thanks to Massachusetts Democrats saying we couldn’t afford it. Very little has changed from last year but always putting politics first, Democratic leaders on Beacon Hill decided this year (an election year) we could afford a sales tax holiday weekend.

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts told the Boston Globe, “Sales statewide appear to have exceeded the expectations of $500 million over the weekend.” While the Department of Revenue is saying this weekend will have cost the state about $20 million, we in the Republican Caucus prefer to see it as taxpayers being allowed to keep $20 million of their own money!

We’re proud to have filed this proposal this year and in years past and will file it again next year.

Click here to read the coverage in the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.