Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More bad news for Massachusetts

While Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray are running around the state touting the success of their economic policies, State House News Service is reporting that the Commonwealth’s jobless rate is higher than the New England region’s average. Late yesterday afternoon, SHNS reported, “At 9 percent for July, the state’s jobless rate was well below Rhode Island’s 11.9 percent, but significantly higher than New Hampshire’s 5.8 percent, Vermont at 6 percent and Maine at 8.1 percent. Connecticut’s unemployment rate registered at 8.9 percent in July.”

Looks like Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray are being a bit disingenuous saying the Massachusetts economy is on a quicker road to recovery than most states. Regardless of other economic indicators, the fact of the matter is hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents remain unemployed or underemployed.

The fact that the Patrick-Murray Administration hasn’t spent more time on job creation further underscores its disconnect with the people it claims to represent. Governor Patrick can claim he’s handled this recession well, but we’re doubtful unemployed residents would agree with that assertion.