Friday, June 25, 2010

Jones: Governor Patrick must turn over documents relative to insurance rate cap decision

BOSTON—In light of yesterday’s Division of Insurance Administrative Appeals ruling against the Patrick-Murray Administration, House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. today reiterated his call saying Governor Patrick must turn over all documents relative to his decision to attempt to cap insurance rates.

Nearly three weeks ago Representative Jones sent a letter to Governor Patrick asking that his Administration release any and all documents and correspondences that may have been used to help reach the decision to cap insurance rates. That letter went unanswered.

“I believe the general public legitimately deserves to know why Governor Patrick and his Administration made this choice,” said Representative Jones. “If there is actuarial evidence to support this policy Governor Patrick should be able to provide that documentation. If no such records exist, I am concerned political considerations may have clouded his judgment.”

Michael J. Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation told the Boston Globe, “The Patrick administration’s actions were arbitrary and unfair.”

Widmer is not the only person to question Governor Patrick’s judgment. This story was first reported because of emails that surfaced with one Patrick Administration official saying the plan had “the potential for catastrophic consequences to our nonprofit health care industry.”

“Governor Patrick needs to release this information if he remotely cares about the issue of transparency in government and the integrity of the Patrick/Murray Administration.”