Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lieutenant Governor: Politics as Usual

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray apparently has nothing better to do than point fingers and call people names. Today, Murray said, “Listening to Charlie Baker talk about fiscal responsibility is like getting lectured on abstinence from Paris Hilton.” First of all, it’s nice to finally know exactly how Murray spends his day – checking out Perezhilton.com and reading US Weekly. However, maybe Governor Patrick’s butler should spend a little more time crunching the numbers, since it was the Patrick-Murray Administration who drove our state’s finances into the ground.

When Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Murray campaigned, they focused on changing Beacon Hill and putting partisan politics aside for the sake of the people. Apparently, that concept went out the window along with governing!

And by the way, who is Tim Murray to knock Charlie Baker? Isn’t it the Patrick-Murray Administration who hired the controversial Jim Aloisi, keeper of all transportation “skeletons! “ Maybe Murray wasn’t a fan of this hire behind closed doors, but you’d never know it, since there is no track record of him actually disagreeing with his “boss.”

Memo to Lieutenant Governor Murray – maybe you should start looking for a new job, because the people of Massachusetts are sick of paying you to surf the web and put out the occasional attack on your political foes.