Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bump Calls out Patrick-Murray Administration

The Patrick-Murray Administration’s former Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development took an indirect shot at the administration yesterday, questioning why more jobs haven’t been created. Suzanne Bump, who is now running for State Auditor, yesterday said according to State House News Service that “the public has a right to ask why we aren’t getting better results given the multiple agencies allegedly committed to the task of creating jobs.” While we agree with her, we hope she’s ready for the backlash and ridicule she’s about to get from Governor Patrick’s sidekick and political piranha Tim Murray. Apparently Bump didn’t get the memo from Patrick and Murray who aren’t fond of being criticized!

While her words yesterday could be seen as campaign rhetoric, we tend to believe that perhaps she’s being honest is her assessment. Showing her support for the plan to “consolidate independent economic development authorities” Bump “called for more accountability and collaboration on job growth strategies.”

It would seem to us that Bump, a former Patrick-Murray Administration insider, is supporting our notion that this administration’s effort to create jobs is lackluster. We’ve said it before, but we don’t mind saying it again; Governor Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Murray are constantly two steps behind in producing any meaningful reform or policy change. Recently, Patrick released a so called jobs bill – but the timing alone makes us question his commitment to the people of the Commonwealth and his ability to appropriately serve as the state’s CEO. The Governor’s latest election-year ploy is perhaps the most transparent action he’s ever taken and that’s only because he’s faced with being out of a job at the end of the year!