Friday, February 12, 2010

Lantigua shows good judgment…finally!

State House News Service is reporting that Mayor/Representative William Lantigua will be stepping down from his seat in the House. While we are glad Mayor/Representative Lantigua is finally showing good judgment, we are disappointed it took him this long to make the right decision. It is obvious the City of Lawrence needs state intervention. However, all of the negative attention surrounding the newly-elected Mayor has made it hard for the people of the Commonwealth and the colleagues of Mayor/Representative Lantigua to take the request for state assistance seriously.

While these new circumstances will help the City of Lawrence’s cause in the Legislature, much work still needs to be done on this bill to make it palatable. We here at The Capitol View maintain that an independent finance control board needs to be put into place immediately before the city is allowed to borrow $35 million. Without a control board, the bill will not garner any bipartisan support.