Monday, January 11, 2010

More Grim Economic News

Massachusetts' economy is still on the wrong track, despite repeated attempts by the Patrick Administration to prove otherwise. There is more grim economic news being reported in the media today. Two stories caught our eyes today including the surge in gas prices here in the Commonwealth and the dismal holiday sales recently announced by the Retailers Association of Massachusetts.

According to separate reports in today’s Boston Herald, gas prices have jumped 8 cents while Massachusetts retailers report holiday sales were down by more than two and a half percent. So why lump these two stories together? The reason is simple – because these are the harsh realities that the Patrick Administration would like people to forget about come November 2nd, 2010. The Democratic controlled Legislature, led by Governor Patrick, has made Massachusetts an even more expensive state to live in and one that is not business friendly in any shape or form. Governor Patrick and the tax and spend Democrats need to be held accountable for the effect their poor decision making has had on Commonwealth residents and businesses.

While the gas prices may be beyond the Governor’s control, the retail sales numbers fall squarely on his shoulders. Governor Patrick signed a reckless sales tax hike into law driving more consumers to the tax free internet and places like New Hampshire this holiday season. Other states are reporting improved or flat sales, while Massachusetts reports a decline.