Thursday, January 14, 2010

Better late than never!

The voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will head to the polls in less than ten months to elect a Governor and since Governor Patrick doesn’t have much of a record to stand on, he’s relying on election year legislative action to get him re-elected. Today, the Legislature took up an education bill that would help Massachusetts tap into millions of dollars to help our state’s schools. Unfortunately, it has taken Governor Patrick more than three years to tackle the many problems facing our state’s educational system. The question today is – why did it take so long for Governor Patrick to address this issue? Obviously, the federal dollars are an incentive – but what if President Obama hadn’t made education, specifically charter schools, a priority? Governor Patrick has never been supportive of charter schools, but wave $250 million in front of him, and the wind changes.

Former Governor Bill Weld tackled education reform back in the early 90’s and his efforts made Massachusetts’ schools among the best in the nation. Governor Patrick and his campaign staff should either check their facts or better yet, lay off the toothpaste – it’s making them a bit loopy!