Thursday, January 15, 2009

Low Speed Vehicle Bill Signed into Law

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr., today announced House Bill 5113, relative to the operation of low speed vehicles has been signed into law.

Under this law, the use of popular low and medium speed vehicles, as well as three-wheeled motorcycles will be enhanced. Currently, these vehicles are banned on all roadways in the Commonwealth. However, those vehicles will now be allowed to be operated on certain roads under speed limit guidelines.

“We hope this law will encourage the use of these extremely fuel efficient vehicles,” said Representative Jones. “This law will also protect the drivers of the vehicles as well as other drivers by making sure rules are followed in order to ensure safety on Massachusetts’ roadways.”

“This law will help reduce our carbon foot print and create a better world for future generations,” said Representative Richard Ross. “It gives people the incentive they need to use greener alternatives when they make their daily transportation choices.”

Additionally, the drivers of these vehicles will follow the same registration and licensing requirements as those drivers who operate regular vehicles.

Several GOP members supported this legislation.