Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is The Media Actually Catching On?

It looks like the mainstream media may actually be catching on to what we’ve been saying for quite some time.

The Salem News editorial page recently wrote, “Until that grip on power is weakened, until there's a return to a true, two-party system in Massachusetts, future speakers will continue to be prime targets for lobbyists and influence-peddlers.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We need a two party system to create real reform on Beacon Hill. The GOP Caucus proposes good policy and solid legislation regularly. However, because the Democratic members yield so much power to the Speaker of the House, it is hard to get anything accomplished without his blessing. We need to reduce the role and power of the Speaker in order to allow members to individually make their decision on legislation without being swayed by political promises and deals.

Business cannot go on this way. You can’t afford it and the Commonwealth can’t either. We will continue to fight on your behalf, but we need more people looking out for you and not themselves. As the media slowly picks up on this problem, you will hear more and more about the culture of corruption brought on by one party government. We are your alternative and we are looking out for your wallet and your best interest.