Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Representative Brad Hill Discusses Sales Tax Holiday, Cell Phones with WWLP's Tiffany Chan

Assistant Minority Leader Brad Hill (R-Ipswich) was interviewed yesterday by WWLP Channel 22 reporter Tiffany Chan regarding the upcoming sales tax holiday and the ongoing efforts by members of the House Republican Caucus to pass legislation changing the way cell phones sales are taxed in Massachusetts. The report is posted below, along with the segment that aired last night. 

People rarely have to pay full-price on a cell phone nowadays, but you could be spending more money than you realize. The state sales tax is calculated based on the original price of the cell phone, not the discounted rate you may receive from your carrier. That could soon change. 

There’s a bill moving through the State House that would place the sales tax on the final price you pay for a cell phone. And if you’re thinking about replacing your mobile phone, this weekend could be the best time to buy a new one. 

The sales tax holiday is this weekend, on August fifteenth and sixteenth. You won’t have to pay the state sales tax on a new cell phone as long as it’s for personal use. State Representative Brad Hill of Ipswich told 22News “I’m urging people to go out and buy a cell phone so you don’t have to pay that tax, and you don’t have to pay the full tax on the cell phone price. This is the time to do it.” 

There are a number of items that are still subject to tax, however, such as cigarettes, cars, motorboats, gasoline, and items costing more than $2,500.