Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Wheel on Beacon Hill Goes ‘Round and ‘Round

In case you missed it, extreme patronage is still (unfortunately) alive and well on Beacon Hill. The most recent case came to surface when the Boston Globe published a story calling into question the driving record and hiring of Sheila Burgess, the Executive Director of the State Highway Division. It became apparent that Ms. Burgess was very well politically connected. Some of Ms. Burgess’ elected allies include Congressman James McGovern and our very own Lieutenant Governor, Tim Murray. Of course, Governor Deval Patrick weighed in on the controversy and said, “I will get to the bottom on it.” Surprise, surprise, it has been 10 days and it seems as if the Governor has not gotten to the “bottom on it.”

In today’s Lowell Sun, Peter Lucas pens a great op-ed drawing everyone’s attention to the fact that this fiasco with Sheila Burgess is just the latest case in an ever growing record of political hires on Beacon Hill. Instead of changing the culture on Beacon Hill, the Patrick/Murray administration has doubled down.

See below to read Peter Lucas’ article in its entirety.

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