Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Hampshire Residents Grateful For “Stimulus Bill”

Over the weekend, the Boston Herald ran an op-ed written by a New Hampshire business owner. In the tongue and cheek piece, that business owner thanked the Massachusetts Legislature profusely for passing a bill that he says will stimulate not the Bay State economy, but the New Hampshire economy.

He cited several components of the House and Senate budgets, saying they will greatly benefit business in the Granite State. He praised the 25% sales tax increase as well as the hike in the alcohol and meals taxes. Saying New Hampshire is about to see an economic boom, he encouraged the Legislature to go ahead and raise the gas tax too!

The decisions being made by the Democratic-controlled Legislature is having a devastating effect on the Massachusetts economy while simultaneously stimulating New Hampshire’s economy. Our Democratic colleagues say that Massachusetts reputation as “Taxachusetts” is inaccurate, but quite frankly they are doing everything they can to make that perception a reality!

Click here to read the op-ed.