Thursday, May 21, 2009

Believe in Reform Before Revenue

Remember when the Boston Red Sox appeared to out of the running for the 2004 World Series and hopeful fans adorned with “Believe” signs packed the stands? Well, it’s time to break out the believe signs again, because despite the tax happy ways of the Majority Party on Beacon Hill, the Republican Caucus still believes in reform before revenue. And surprisingly, Boston Herald columnist and talk radio host Margery Eagan feels the same way. In fact, her latest column read like a memo filled with Republican talking points!

Eagan includes the following list for ideas that must be accomplished before even discussing tax increases. 1) Outlaw double dipping (collecting a state salary and pension simultaneously) 2) Cap pensions - even at, say $150,000 a year 3) Outlaw early retirements and pension collecting 4) End special legislative boondoggles 5) Make town and city workers join the state health insurer, thus saving billions.
All of these ideas sound pretty good to us and in fact are proposals that have been offered by Republican lawmakers on several occasions.

If a typically liberal columnist is following our trend, isn’t it about time the majority of Democrats jump on the bandwagon too?