Tuesday, April 14, 2009

House Misses Out on Important Opportunity

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. released the following statement today moments after the House rejected several amendments, including one that would put an end to outrageous pork barrel spending.

House Democrats missed out on several important opportunities today as we negotiated the rules for this year’s budget deliberations. I, along with my Republican colleagues proposed a whole host of amendments that would have made the budget process more responsible and transparent. However, the Majority Party neglected those ideas in an alarming and swift manner.

The House rejected several GOP amendments including; banning budget earmarks, requiring amendments to feature summaries and fiscal notes, banning the use of consolidated amendments and prohibiting amendments that increase revenue, either through taxes or fees. In a time where families are being forced to significantly cut their spending habits, I would expect that the Legislature would be cognizant of the situation the Commonwealth is in and get its house in order sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the tax and spend mentality is alive and well on Beacon Hill and until there is more of a balance in both chambers, one party control will continue unchecked.