Thursday, September 12, 2013

House and Senate Minority Leaders’ Statement on Democrats’ Technology Tax About-Face

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. (R-North Reading) and Senate Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr (R-Gloucester) issued the following statement today in response to Democratic Leadership’s support of repealing the technology tax:

“For close to six months, House and Senate Republicans have been warning the technology industry, general public, and our colleagues across the aisle of the disastrous effects of a tax on the computer software industry. Our warnings were not heeded, and the Democratic-majority green lighted the largest and broadest tax on computer and software services in the nation.

Today’s about-face is a clear indication that our Democratic colleagues finally understand how reckless and destructive it is to tax one of our state’s most profitable sectors.

We urge the Speaker and Senate President to immediately consider legislation filed by the House and Senate Republican caucus which would repeal the misguided and destructive revenue measure – without replacing it with a new revenue source.”