Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Republican Legislators’ Statement on House of Representatives’ Approval of Hundreds of Millions in Tax Increases

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. (R-North Reading) and Representative Steven S. Howitt (R-Seekonk), House Republican conferee on the six-member transportation finance conference committee, issued the following statement in response to the House of Representatives’ vote to approve hundreds of millions in tax increases:

“This afternoon’s vote to increase taxes in Massachusetts will have devastating impacts on taxpayers and businesses across the state - immediately. By increasing revenues, the legislative majority has chosen to stifle business growth and further financially burden our hardworking residents for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, despite the House Republican Caucus’ proposal of an alternative transportation finance plan – free from any statewide tax increases – the residents of Massachusetts are on the verge of having to pay for the third major tax increase since Governor Patrick was sworn into office.

Taxpayers should find no solace in the fact that House Democrats approved a plan that is not nearly as costly as the Governor’s initial $1.9 billion proposal or the Senate’s $800 million plan. This tax increase is the by-product of one-party rule in the Commonwealth, and the taxpayers have the ability to reverse this crippling tax at the ballot in November of 2014.”