Monday, May 7, 2012

GOP Jobs Package to Receive Public Hearings

In case you missed it, 4 of the 5 omnibus jobs bills filed by the Republican Legislative Caucus will receive public hearings this week.

As you may remember, in February, House and Senate Republicans announced that they would be submitting a comprehensive and innovative jobs package. Filed as five omnibus bills, the jobs package targets five key areas – business regulations, education, energy, healthcare, and taxes – that are key to facilitating economic growth in Massachusetts.

Residents and business owners alike are welcome – and encouraged – to join members of the House Republican Caucus in either attending the hearings in person, or submitting letters of written testimony to the Chairs of the appropriate Joint Committees.

The schedule of hearings is as follows:

Tuesday, May 8th

10:00am: House Bill 4038, An Act Relative to Cost-Effective Energy Policies and Electricity Cost Reduction – Joint Committee on Telecom, Energy and Cable (located in A-1)

10:30am: House Bill 4035, An Act Relative to Improving Employment Opportunities Through Access to Education – Joint Committee on Higher Education (located in A-2)

Wednesday, May 9th

1:00 pm: House Bill 4037, An Act Providing Regulatory Reform to Promote Job Growth – Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight (located in B-1)

Thursday, May 10th

10:00am: House Bill 4036, An Act Incentivizing Job Creation and Reducing the Burdens on Small Businesses – Joint Committee on Revenue (located in B-2)