Friday, October 28, 2011

On the Mend and On the Move?!

In case you missed it, MassINC Polling Group released a sobering survey this week regarding Massachusetts residents’ views/outlook on the state’s businesses and economy.

According to the survey, when asked about the economic climate in the Commonwealth, “47 percent of respondents said they were worse off financially today than a year ago.” The report went on to say, “Looking ahead a year, 54 percent said they believe they will be in the same financial shape.”

But back in June, when asked by a reporter about whether Commonwealth has finally turned the corner from the recent recession, the Governor offered this response: “The Commonwealth is continuing its robust recovery. We have added jobs across nearly all sectors, and our unemployment rate has fallen more than a full point below the national average -- signs that our record investments in infrastructure, education, and innovation are paying off.” Obviously, Governor Patrick and his administration aren’t as in tune with the pulse of the residents of the Bay State as they might like to think they are.

MassINC’s survey also asked residents if the state was heading in the right or wrong direction. Forty-five percent of the 500 residents polled said the state is “on the wrong track.”

While the Patrick Administration may think we are “on the mend and on the move”, the residents of Massachusetts beg to differ.