Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Do It

In case you missed it, both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald penned editorials calling on Governor Patrick to sign into law the municipal health care proposal included in the budget that the House and Senate recently sent him.

According to the Globe’s editorial, “Now Governor Patrick must put aside his own political fears about alienating organized labor and - like the Legislature - make the tough decision.” The editorial went on to say that, “Patrick’s first duty must be to the communities in Massachusetts.”

We don’t say this very often: we agree with the Boston Globe. While campaigning, in 2006 Patrick promised to provide relief to the citizens of Massachusetts in the form of reduced property taxes. It’s been 5 years with little or no relief, so the Legislature has lobbed him an under-hand, slow pitch softball in the way of municipal health reform. Governor Patrick has been afforded the opportunity to play “good cop” and preserve municipal jobs while saving cities and towns money. Despite union thinking, municipal health is not about attacking the pillars of union values, but rather municipal health is about preserving jobs and local services.

In the Herald’s editorial they agree that while the proposal before the Governor may be a little watered down, the choice for Governor Patrick is clear. “We had hoped for more,” said the Herald, “but at the moment, this bill is the best hope for struggling cities and towns to realize meaningful savings. Patrick should adopt it.”

If Governor Patrick signs municipal health into law, it will be a real home run for our cities and towns as well as their taxpayers.

Click here to read the Boston Globe editorial in its entirety

Click here to read the Boston Herald editorial in its entirety