Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jones Statement on Democrats’ Refusal to Embrace House Ethics Reform

House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. issued the following statement in response to the Democratic leadership’s refusal to constructively consider the Republican led House Ethics Reform order:

“I, along with the members of the Republican Caucus, am disappointed that the Democratic leadership has balked at the opportunity for ethics reform in the House of Representatives. The majority party’s continued state of denial further illustrates the disconnect between Beacon Hill, the citizens of the Commonwealth, and the reality of recent events.

Unfortunately for the residents of the Bay State, the time is right for dialogue surrounding ethics on Beacon Hill. In light of the third Speaker in a row being convicted on charges of corruption and the hiring scandal at the Probation Department, amongst other things, the need for debate and reform of the current ethics paradigm is more apparent than ever. What some perceive as the individual failings of a few is much more than simply personal shortcomings but a deeper system problem.

From the outset of the Republican Party’s Ethics Reform proposal, we have been steadfast, both publicly and privately, that our proposal for change to the ethical climate in the legislature was and should be open for debate and amendment. The Democratic majority has once again forgone the opportunity to bring real change not only to Beacon Hill, but also to the residents of Massachusetts. We are disappointed that their decision to do little or nothing has once again won out.”