Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sales Tax Holiday a Win for Taxpayers

As you may recall, during the summer, the state held a sales tax holiday to help businesses and taxpayers alike. While many Democrats would have you believe, this relief came at too high of a cost to the state, we here at The Capitol View see it as a win-win. Not only were businesses able to generate some much needed traffic in their stores during the lull of summer, but taxpayers were able to save close to $20 million as well.

The taxpayers of Massachusetts face one of the highest tax burdens in the country. The least the state can do is provide one weekend where shoppers can make purchases without being heavily taxed. Additionally, businesses here in Massachusetts have a serious disadvantage when it comes to competition thanks in part to tax-free internet shopping, not to mention sales tax-free New Hampshire. In times of economic despair, we, as a legislative body must do everything we can to allow business to thrive and flourish while also enabling middle-class families to enjoy the lifestyle they work so hard for.

We say kudos to the sales tax holiday weekend and bravo! We fully intend to file this legislation when the new session convenes next week and look forward to providing a little more relief next summer.