Friday, December 10, 2010

And the bad economic news just keeps on coming…

It looks like Scrooge is looking to wreak havoc this holiday season in terms of the Massachusetts economy. In case you missed it, TJX announced today that it would be cutting 4,400 jobs nationwide, many of which are right here in Massachusetts. While we here at The Capitol View don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news, it is essential that the public understand the severity of the economic crisis and not be fooled by Governor Patrick, who would have the taxpayers believe it is Christmas everyday!

Since Governor Patrick was re-elected, thousands of jobs right here in the Bay State have been slashed. Though he’d like you to believe we are “on the mend and on the move,” recent news would suggest otherwise. In addition to today’s TJX announcement, Biogen, Genzyme and Raytheon – all big employers in Massachusetts – have cut their workforce significantly.

We tend to believe that this may be just the beginning of even worse news. It’s time to get serious about improving the Massachusetts business climate. Until that happens, we fear even more people will be handed pink slips.