Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ted Kennedy, Jr. says “Don’t Be Tricked”

Ratepayers and taxpayers alike have been buried by higher fees and taxes over the last four years and if Deval Patrick has his chance, they’ll get hit at least one more time. We’re talking about Cape Wind, a project sold to the general public has a way to go green but in reality the only green ratepayers will be seeing is their money going out the door!

Today’s Boston Herald featured a piece by Ted Kennedy, Jr. who is urging residents not to be tricked by the big promises being made with regard to Cape Wind. Among the many arguments made by Kennedy, one in particular stuck out – “Cape Wind — composed of unnecessary rate hikes, sweetheart deals and hidden costs — has been disguised by a clean, green energy cloak, camouflage enough to fool any environmentally conscious consumer into thinking that if it looks green, it must be good.” Kennedy goes on to say, “Cape Wind is a fiscal boondoggle — not a green-energy marvel.”

Click here to read a very compelling argument as to why Cape Wind must be defeated.