Thursday, October 7, 2010

Governor Patrick Paving the Way for Progressive Income Tax

More tax talk from the tax hike Governor himself this week! In case you missed it, Governor Patrick’s been talking up the benefits of moving towards a progressive income tax system. Now, the Governor and his staff are saying that it is something he favors, but not an initiative he would take on if re-elected.

Sorry Governor – but no one’s buying what you’re selling! We’ve been duped before! Remember, when Governor Patrick was just “Candidate Patrick,” he insisted he would lower property taxes and had no interest in raising taxes. Fast forward a few years and as you know he’s raised taxes 8 times since being elected.

We’ve been fooled once, we can’t be fooled again. Democrats would like you to believe they have no intention to raise taxes – but we all know that will all change on November 3rd!