Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Governor Patrick Putting Partisan Politics ahead of Governing

In case you missed the ridiculous display of partisan politics put on by Governor Patrick yesterday, let The Capitol View fill you in. As you may or may not have heard, yesterday Governor Patrick made a baseless accusation claiming Republicans on Beacon Hill are holding up a supplemental budget. Now, keep in mind and for the sake of clearing the air, no supplemental budget has actually been filed with regard to the FMAP money as of right now and therefore, there is no budget to be considered, let alone blocked.

We offer our sincerest apologies to Governor Patrick if he feels lawmakers don’t have the right to read a piece of legislation before casting their vote, but we will not make any commitment to support or oppose a bill that doesn’t even exist.
Governor Patrick’s disregard for the legislative process and the members in the House and Senate further speaks to his lack of leadership and his unwillingness to work in a cooperative manner with the Legislature. If passing a supplemental budget is such a priority to the Governor, we suggest he take time to actually file one – until then he has no right to complain.

That’s right - Governor Patrick and his administration have yet to file a supplemental budget dealing with the FMAP money recently allocated to Massachusetts. So, while he’s out there saying he’ll have to make tough 9C cuts, be sure to ask him why he hasn’t laid out a plan to use the federal money that was sent to the state nearly 2 months ago!

Sounds like a bad case of playing politics at the expense of the well being of Massachusetts residents!