Monday, May 17, 2010

Sun Chronicle: Ross a Model for GOP

In case you missed it, the Attleboro Sun Chronicle had a great piece over the weekend explaining why Richard Ross’ campaign should be a model for the GOP.

After Scott Brown’s historic victory in January, there was a lot of talk that the outcome of the special election to fill his seat would say a lot about the upcoming November elections. Whether or not Brown and Ross’ victories are a peek into the future remains to be unseen, however what is abundantly clear in the Massachusetts Republican Party is making great strides in this bluest of blue states.

Richard Ross ran an issues oriented, positive campaign, much like Senator Scott Brown. His message and his personality resonated with the voters and these are just some of the many lessons to be learned from his campaign.

The Sun Chronicle wrote, “A nice guy finished first in this Senate election. If the GOP fields more of the same, the words "two-party system" and "Massachusetts" may be found in the same sentence after the November elections.” Two-party system? Wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes?

Click here to read the opinion piece in its entirety.