Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rep. Smola Appointed to Special Commission to Study Crumbling Concrete Foundations

Representative Todd M. Smola (R-Warren, Ranking Member, Committee on Ways & Means) has been appointed to a special commission to study the financial and economic impacts of crumbling concrete foundations in Massachusetts due to the presence of pyrrhotite. The fourteen-person commission was established earlier this year as part of the state’s annual budget.

Some Massachusetts and Connecticut homes built between 1983 and 2017 could be impacted by the presence of the pyrrhotite mineral in their concrete foundations. The mineral has been found in a quarry in northeastern Connecticut that provided building aggregate for construction projects in the region. Over time, pyrrhotite that is exposed to oxygen and water reacts and causes swelling and cracking. As a structure continues to deteriorate, it often becomes unsound.

“There are many layers to this foundation dilemma and the commission will work to address a number of questions that have come up since this problem was identified,” said Representative Smola. “We intend to look at costs related to repairing these foundations, impact on property values and potential remedies for homeowners among other things. Our goal is to develop a commission report with recommendations that can provide assistance to people that are looking for answers. We will also be holding a public hearing in the region where concrete foundations have deteriorated due to the presence of pyrrhotite.”

The commission is seeking input from anyone who has a foundation that may contain pyrrhotite. The commission has been instructed to submit the results of its study and its recommendations by February 1, 2019.  For additional information please contact Representative Smola at or (617) 722-2100.