Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House Republicans to Offer Resolution Condemning Actions of Internal Revenue Service

Led by House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. (R-North Reading), the House Republican Caucus will offer a resolution in the House of Representatives condemning the actions of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in regards to their investigation of non-profit groups with certain political affiliations.

Offered in response to increased scrutiny incurred by the IRS in light of its admission to “overzealous audits” of applications for tax exempt status by groups with certain political affiliations, the House Republican Caucus feels that the actions of the IRS have drawn the ire of both the groups targeted as well as taxpayers nationwide.

“On face, the actions of the Internal Revenue Service represent a massive betrayal of public trust,” said Representative Jones. “By initiating a thorough investigation into these wrongdoings, a determination will be made as to whether or not this was the actions of a few, or the result of a widespread systematic failure.”

The resolution, which will be offered in the House of Representatives during the next full formal session, requests that the Massachusetts Congressional delegation initiate and support the formation of a select committee – comprised of elected officials from both political parties – to swiftly, thoroughly, and expeditiously investigate the alleged wrongdoings by the IRS.

A copy of the resolution will be forwarded to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Clerk of the United States Senate, and each member of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation.