Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget – Public Health

In case you missed it, today marks the third day of debate on the House Ways & Means Fiscal Year 2014 Budget.

As you may have heard, the House of Representatives recently unveiled their $33.8 billion state budget proposal. While the budget presented to the Legislature includes significantly less spending then Governor Patrick’s budget proposal, the House’s plan relies too heavily on revenue found in the recently passed transportation finance bill, and House Republicans will continue to oppose this fiscally irresponsible approach.

This afternoon’s debate will begin with amendments relative to public health. Below, you will find the amendments offered by House Republicans, along with a brief description of the amendment.

Public Health

Amendment 316 - Level Funding for Western Massachusetts Hospital (Humason, Donald) Increases the DPH account for Western Massachusetts Hospital services account (4590-0912) by $124K.

Amendment 687 - Public Health Funding (Lyons, James) Subtracts $4.5M from the Family Health Services account (4513-1000). The total appropriation is reduced to $0.

Amendment 710 - An Amendment to reform the Department of Public Health (Lyons, James) Adds a new outside section creating an independent commission to study and report on compensation paid to officers, directors, trustees and the like, by nonprofit organizations that receive grants or contract with the Department of Public Health.