Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Dr. Bigby Should Go

In case you missed it, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette has joined House Republican leadership in their call for Governor Patrick to ask Secretary JudyAnn Bigby for her resignation.

In an editorial published this past Sunday, the Telegram and Gazette says in part, “Dr. Bigby no longer enjoys the confidence of lawmakers and the public necessary to carry out her duties. To find the easiest path to the reforms needed, Mr. Patrick should seek her resignation.”

As you remember, just last week House Republicans held a press conference to announce that they had sent a letter to Governor Patrick asking him to request Secretary Bigby’s resignation. The call for Dr. Bigby’s removal comes in direct response to the breach at the Dr. William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute by a rogue chemist which has led to the release of convicted felons, as well as the fungal meningitis outbreak at a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical compounding company, which has led to 36 tragic deaths and several hundred cases of serious illness.

Please see below to read the editorial in its entirety.
Telegram&GazetteEditorial - Bigby Should Go