Thursday, February 17, 2011

Senator Brown’s Courageous Story

In case you missed it, Senator Scott Brown recently revealed that during his childhood he endured multiple instances of abuse. Senator Brown, who has a book coming out soon, has bared his troubling past and says he was sexually assaulted and physically harmed by several adults when he was a child.

We here at the Capitol View Live see Senator Brown as both a colleague and a friend, and these accounts are deeply troubling. We are amazed by Senator Brown’s courage and inspired by his story of overcoming obstacles.

While it is easy for us to focus on the present at a time like this, we must also be sure to be continually vigilant on issues of abuse and sexual harassment. It is vital that these issues remain at the forefront, and we must continue to advocate for the victims of these crimes.

Senator Brown’s story should serve as an inspiration to us all about a person’s ability to overcome obstacles, no matter how great or challenging.